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I live in two worlds.

I have been an allopathic caregiver for most of my adult life. When I was in my 40s, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I just thought I was getting older, but when five body systems started manifesting symptoms, I knew there was something deeper going on. With the help of my colleagues I was able to get an early diagnosis, but that didn't change the prognosis. The mean survival for the diagnosis I was given was five years. I was on 16 medications which I was told I would be on the for rest of my life. I was also told I needed a type of chemotherapy that I knew would destroy my lungs. I refused and signed my DNR papers.

Later that year, I attended a conference, which included a lecturer, Dr. Harvey Zarren, from Tufts University in Boston. He is a cardiologist, yet he was talking about "complementary alternative medicine (CAM)." I wondered why such a brilliant man would be talking about voodoo medicine. That's what I thought back then. However, you just know truth when you hear it, and I knew this man was speaking the truth. To this day, my decision to speak with him after the lecture was a lifesaving decision.

Dr. Zarren recommended I see a functional physician, which I did. Over the course of two years, I was able to completely recover my health, and now, I am eight years "past dead." I know this stuff works, but it is not easy. The functional physician I saw cared for me mind, body and spirit. It was truly a life-changing experience. I wanted to know what he knew, but because I am not an M.D., I could not be a functional physician. I chose to become a naturopathic doctor, and pursued my board certification.

At Healthwise Natuopathic Clinic, we can't promise the impossible, but we can help you make incremental changes that will improve your overall health. If you think you are ready for this path, we are here to help. Most of the time, it is not that you can't trust your body, it's that your body can't trust you. If you do the right things, your body acts rightly. I hope we can help set your feet on a path to wellness.

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